MagnumUSA VIDEOS. Click on any link.

Underwater Burning Video for divers and diving contractors.

Wet Welding Training. Magnum’s wet welding electrodes are easy to ignite and no weld cracking.

Oxyarc Mode for burning on land or underwater with or without DC arc voltage.

Underwater Marine Welding with our E-7014 and E-6013 wet welding electrodes.

MAGvideo of Features and Benefits for repair, maintenance and salvage operations.

MAGops showing Magnum operating for SWAT, emergency rescue and even prisons.

Magnum land cutting features and benefits

Magnum9000 Operating Instructions for the world’s lightest backpack cutting system.

Divers Institute of Technology using MagnumUSA products

Cutting pipe underwater

Cutting piling underwater

Installing bell on USS Bradley at 400 foot depth

MAG9000 backpack cutting system in Operation







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