Ships with the following:

  • Lincoln 10,000 watt DC welder.
  • Marine cutting torch.
  • 50′ cables with lug connectors.
  • Precision two-stage oxygen regulator.
  • One box, MAG3818X cutting rods.
  • 400 amp welding stinger.
  • Complimentary welding rods.
  • Spare collets.
  • Instruction video online.
  • Total Weight 700 lbs. approximate.
  • One pallet measuring 4′ x 4′ x 6′.
  • We ship around the globe.


MAG2000GX™ is a complete system with 10,000 watt Lincoln Ranger™ suitable for exothermic ignition and light welding assignments in marine settings. Ships with gauges, cables and consumables so the system is turn-key when fitted with an oxygen cylinder. Spare parts and fifty foot of cables and oxygen hose includes ground clamp and knife switch. A precision two-stage oxygen regulator is also included along with consumables for cutting any material in seconds. Like our other systems, a 400 amp stinger and welding electrodes are supplied. The entire system is palleted for shipping anywhere around the globe for immediate deployment.

Welder specifications: •10,000 Watts Peak Single-Phase AC Generator Power- 10,000 watts peak (9,000 continuous) AC generator power for high capacity needs such as a back-up generator, or powering a Pro-Cut® plasma cutter, Invertec® inverter welder, lights, grinder or other power tools. AC/DC Welding – Smooth AC/DC welding output for a broad range of stick electrodes, such as Lincoln Excalibur™ 7018 (AWS E7018) and Fleetweld® 5P+ (AWS E6010). Also capable of MIG, Flux-Cored, and TIG welding (with additional optional equipment). Rugged Reliability- Rangers have been subjected to an extensive testing program to ensure reliable operation in a wide variety of environmental conditions. Engine is a 2 cylinder 4 cycle OHV (overhead valve) air-cooled setup. Three-Year Lincoln Warranty- Three-year Lincoln warranty on welder (engine is warranted separately by the manufacturer).


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