Top valve underwater cutting torch.


Top VALVE marine cutting torch boasts a 4500 psi operating valve with stainless valve needle, stainless valve spring and ceramic valve ball. The precision valve displays low hand fatigue. The ceramic valve ball ensures voltage cannot arc between the valve ball and valve needle during ignition. Acme HEAD: The torch head boasts acme threads designed to discourage grit seizures in sandy environments. A mere quarter of a turn is sufficient to load and unload cutting rods.

Flashback prevention: Flashbacks occur between the torch head and the torch valve when bottom pressure pushes molten material back into the torch and flashes in the presence of excess oxygen. For this reason, bottom valve torches allow flash to travel through the diver’s hand on the way to the lower valve. In short, the torch handle can become a dangerous shape charge. The MAG2001X™ torch design displays a valve resting above the diver’s hand for ultimate flashback prevention. Moreover, the short nose tube from the torch head to the torch valve on the MAG2001X™ does not allow excess oxygen to accumulate, further providing protection against flashbacks.

Shock prevention: A concern among divers is separating the current from the oxygen supply. The MAG2001X™ does not require special torch transition hoses or connections because the oxygen hose connects directly to the torch valve. The voltage carrier bar is silver soldered directly to the valve stem for zero maintenance, preventing loose connections. The flat bar allows for a smaller ergonomic torch handle. At the end of the carrier bar is a lug for convenient connection to the dive cable umbilical.

Collet: Inside the head rests a collet with Viton washer for sealing cutting rods and preventing head leaks. A sintered cone sits behind the washer to catch any molten debris. In all, the MAG2001X™ is the safest, most advanced marine cutting torch on the market.


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