E-6013 Wet Welding




AWS E-6013 Wet welding electrodes in 8 pound box.

Specifically for mild steel. Easy ignition and unrivaled performance. Unlike other brand wet welding electrodes, our electrodes do not saturate the flux with paint and reducers. The result is reliable weld integrity with no worries regarding post weld cracking. You will love them.



MAG6013X Wet Welding Electrodes

Made in USA. Free shipping in continental US.

10 Year shelf life.  Wrapped, dipped and stored in sleeved plastic boxes.

  • AWS E-6013, Class D.1, AWS A5.1 ASME SFA 5.1 ZCWB—CSA W48.1. E41013. D3.6 specification for underwater welding. Run at 100—150 amps. 60,000 tensile, 414 – 450 N/mm2 50,000 yield, 22% elongation.
  • Weight: 8 pounds per box.
  • Diameters: 1/8″ 3.2mm, 5/32″ 3.9mm, 3/16″ 4.7mm
  • Great for non-structural welding when economy is important. Easy deposition and weld appearance.


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