The difference between the MAG4000 and the MAG2000 involves the arc mode. The MAG2000 can operate in either oxygen mode or oxyarc mode by connecting it to a welder. The arc assist is helpful for expediting scrap and dismantling projects particularly when cutting through aluminum or manganese.



Operating in oxyarc mode

MAG2000 cutting kit.

Ships with the following:

  • Top valve cutting torch.
  • 30′ cables with lug connectors.
  • Precision preset oxygen regulator.
  • One box of MAG3818 cutting rods.
  • 400 amp welding stinger.
  • Complimentary welding rods.
  • Spare collets.
  • Instruction video online.
  • Total Weight 60 lbs. approximate.

Are you using the latest technology? Oxyacetylene, plasma arc, and air-carbon-arc combined cannot equal the power, performance or unrivaled versatility of our popular MAG2000ā„¢ kit. The most advanced state-of-the-art torch on the market today generates twice the cutting heat of oxyacetylene. Like a Swiss Army Knife this system is capable of over 24 separate industria processes with a mere change in operator hand position. Quickly cut, gouge or pierce any material in seconds using oxygen as the sole gas for ultimate reliability and safety.

The dual purpose torch conveniently operates in both oxyarc mode and oxyflame mode. Use a Magnum arc rod to get the longest cuts ever recorded for a consumable to expediently cut scrap, perform dismantling or effect salvage. Realize up to twenty minutes of plate cutting using a modest 225 amp welder. The flame mode is ideal for remote repair and maintenance when the service truck is not nearby or the material cannot be grounded. A single cylinder of oxygen allows the torch to become fully operational. There is no more powerful cutting resource available.

Much effort went into the design of the system making it easy to use. There are no gases to mix or settings to adjust. One valveĀ controls the oxygen pressure and thereby the flame length. An optional extender provides additional reach for cutting and piercing materials like manganese and rock. Ease of use and control allows the torch to cut sheet metal or materials up to six inches in thicknesses. No material barriers translates into a torch melts through cast iron, stainless, aluminum and even boulders.

Top valve torches provide incredible cutting performance using less oxygen over traditional J style cutting torches while providing years of reliable service without maintenance in the most challenging field conditions. Our torches and consumables have found their way into sophisticated nuclear physics labs in Princeton as well as humble plantations in Central America. The versatility of the tool is unrivaled with over 24 separate processes from a mere change in hand position. Torch operates in both flame and flame arc mode to accommodate the widest selection of cutting rods.



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