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Welding Cutting Accessories



sea or land welding stinger handle for sea applications

MAG1001 400 amp welding stinger. The jaws accommodate from small to larger size electrodes with a twist of the barrel.

Wet Welding Electrodes

heavy duty welding ground clamp for exothermic cutting and welding

Standard and Heavy Duty welding ground clamps to match the amperage and voltage.

underwater umbilicals for cutting and welding with remote control options

Custom assembled umbilicals with .375 R rated oxygen hose and welding cable made to length. We can assemble them with remote control switches and topside solenoids for complete user control over ignition.

Cutting Torch

exothermic collets for the cutting torch

Torch rod collets up to 1/2" to accommodate popular exothermic cutting rod sizes.

12 volt exothermic ignition

MAG0012 12 volt ignition with Odyssey military grade battery, charger, digital gauge, 500 amp connectors and more in a Pelican case. Shorting an exothermic cutting rod across two copper plates inserted into the connectors causes instant ignition.

24 volt exothermic ignition system

MAG0024 24 volt ignition with Odyssey military grade batteries, charger, didigal gauges, 500 amp connectors and more in a Pelican case. Underwater ignition requires 24 volts. A battery ignition is more convenient in many instances over a DC welding power source.


36 volt ignition and welding power source using Odyssey military grade batteries

MAG3626 Ignition and Welding supply with three Odyssey batteries, digital battery gauge, 500 amp connectors, heavy duty switch, internal solenoid, and more in a Pelican roller case. Ideal for emergency ship repair. We designed a 36 volt model to provide both ignition and welding. Use small electrodes for emergency repairs. Our most powerful battery ignition system.

Precision oxygen regulators in single and two stage configurations

We offer both preset and regulated oxygen regulators in single and two stage configurations for both sea and land applications. Two stage regulators are for marine use, keeping the pressure maximum until the cylinder is drained.


We accommodate special orders and routinely provide technical cutting advice for marine and land applications.