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exoBLADES new patented product by MagnumUSA

MAG3818 exoBLADE™ exothermic cutting rods provide narrow cuts on their edge and standard width cuts on their flat blade side for greater precision. This design not only provides superior reliability and cutting performance, it reduces inventory. A 3/8" cutting blade can cut a 3/16" kerf on its edge or a standard kerf on its side. Blades can be bent for all position access into tight places.

Marine exoBLADE cutting rods

MAG3818X exoBLADE™ exothermic cutting rods for marine underwater applications. Blade design eliminates fluttering, flareouts, side burns and stub outs for greater reliability and longer cuts. Unrivaled cutting lengths. We encourage you to try them against Broco™, Arcair™ or Oxylance™ and experience the savings and convenience first hand. Sold by the box and by the pallet.


New exoBLADE cutting rods, patented


20 years experience manufacturing high performance cutting and welding assets for diverse applications...

M.S.H.A. and N.I.O.S.H approved

Patented ExoBLADE™ exothermic cutting rods provide the longest cuts of any cutting rod on the market using less oxygen.

Rapid shipping around the globe.

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