Marine underwater exothermic cutting systems, MagnumUSA, 800-957-4344


Marine Cutting Systems



Exothermic underwater marine cutting systems from 500 amp to battery operated ignitions, MagnumUSA, 800-957-4344

MAG2000GX5 500 amp cutting system. A turn key system in gas or diesel with high pressure oxygen cylinders to handle any demand. For navies and large commercial contractors.

MAG2000GX4 400 amp cutting system. A 400 amp marine cutting system for large independent contractors and medium size commercial dive contractors.

MAG2000GX 10.000 watt cutting system. A system designed for small independent contractors and end users with economy in mind.

MAG6000X Portable cart cutting system. Portable cart with twin oxygen cylinders and 24 volt ignition system for ultimate convenience. Mobility is key in repair and maintenance.

MAG9003X Flotable amphibian system. Three cylinder system with 24 volt ignition designed for use on docks, platforms, from the back of a service truck and much more.

MAG2001X Top valve cutting torch. Top valve cutting torches are safer than bottom valve torches and prevent flashbacks.

Exothermic underwater marine cutting systems and kits for divers and dive contractors, magnumUSA

Magnum marine cutting systems have been successfully used for the last twenty years by end users, dive contractors, and navies to solve their project dilemmas. Whether for repair, maintenance, salvage, scrap or dismantling, a Magnum cutting system will never let you down. The top valve torch design is ergonomic and provides additional safety features over standard marine torches. Get one and realize the ease in which is cuts, gouges or pierces any material in seconds.

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