Portable 2 cylinder exothermic cutting backpack, MagnumUSA, 800-957-4344



Portable Cutting System



9002 magnum super lightweight portable backpack cutting and breaching system with twin cylinders, 800-957-4344


Ships with the following:

  • Twin lightweight 3000 psi
    composite cylinders DOT
    certified and weighing only
    8.9 lbs. each.
  • Twin CGA540 3000 psi
    cylinder valve with safety
    relief valve is the standard
    filling size for most oxygen
  • Twin preset 150 psi precision
    oxygen regulator more than
    required for challenging
    cutting assignments.
  • Alice backpack with patented
    cylinder straps.
  • Patented style exothermic
    flame consumables come 50
    per box.
  • Deluxe 12 volt ignition
    system with deluxe float
  • Spare collet .375 size with
    Viton washer.
  • Gloves and #5 burning
  • Pelican carry case, military
  • Online instructional video.
  • UPS 1 package.
  • 135 lbs. approximate
    Cuts for over 60 minutes.

Lightweight portable cutting system for breaching, remote cutting assignments and emergency rescue.

Drop a serious amount of steel in half an hour on a single charge. Weighing in at a fractional 26 pounds, this lightweight backpack cutting system can be taken almost anywhere to cut almost any material in seconds. Consider the possibilities of thirty minutes of continuous cutting to melt through ferrous and nonferrous materials with little effort. Used by repair technicians, field dismantling mechanics, emergency rescue personnel and more.

Pressurized oxygen is driven through their center of the oxy-flame tube focusing a ten-thousand degree particle flame to perform over 24 separate processes, from cutting to piercing. Patented style oxy-flame tubes handle the scope of almost any assignment.

Oxy-flame tubes can be easily bent for access to difficult cutting areas often minimizing dismantling time. The longer flame tubes are favorites among heavy equipment personnel for piercing and removing pins. With no preheating, the focused particle stream can burn through rust, scale, paint, slag and even limited layers of concrete.

The cutting torch displays a thumb valve so the length of the flame can be adjusted with one hand on the fly. No other adjustments are required to pierce through 4" of steel in 4 seconds. Imagine the egress possibilities.

Weighing in as the lightest, most powerful backpack cutting torch in the world, the unit has proven popular with tactical as well as repair and salvage personnel on land and marine settings. The units can be submerged for underwater cutting when used by trained personnel. Without question, this portable unit raises the bar on performance and reliability.

mag9002 super lightweight backpack breaching and cutting system for tactical applications


We accommodate special orders and routinely provide technical cutting advice for marine and land applications.