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Mobile Cutting System



mag6000x mobile marine cutting system, with pneumatic cart


Ships with the following:

  • Heavy Duty roller cart.
  • Twin high pressure 3000 psi composite oxygen cylinders with CGA540 valves and pressure gauges.
  • Twin 150 psi precision preset oxygen regulators.
  • Top valve marine cutting torch with optional remote control switch for operator control of ignition without topside tender.
  • 50' umbilical consisting of .375 oxygen hose, ignition cable with scratch plate ground clamp, and remote control switch cable.
  • 24 volt battery ignition with Odyssey military grade batteries, volt gauge, 24 volt charger, solenoid, high amperage switch and heavy duty cable connectors.
  • One box of 3/8" x 18" wrapped underwater cutting rods.
  • OPTIONAL 36 volt ignition for underwater welding.
  • Weight: 100 lbs.
  • Ships UPS, One box.

In the past Magnum shipped scores of MAG6000’s for land. We now offer the popular system for marine use. Consider the advantages of over one hour of cutting via two high pressure 3000 psi composite oxygen cylinders fitted with popular CGA540 straight valves and 150 psi preset oxygen regulators.

24 volt ignition system
A remote control ignition was added. A button on the cutting torch closes a solenoid inside the ignition box allowing 24 volts to flow to the torch for ignition. This feature eliminates a topside tender by allowing the diver complete control over when the system is “hot.” The ignition is fitted with two military grade Odyssey batteries with a ten year life. The ignition also ships with a 24 volt float charger and displays 500 amp quick connectors and a digital volt gauge. Fifty feet of umbilical is more than enough for most commercial marine repairs and the cart is very convenient for both pier and deck maneuvering.

mag6000x portable cart marine cutting system for docks etc...


We accommodate special orders and routinely provide technical cutting advice for marine and land applications.