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Oxyflame exothermic

cutting kit



mag4000 oxyflame exothermic cutting kit for repair, maintenance and salvage.


Ships with the following:

  • Magnum top valve cutting torch.
  • Oxygen hose, 15' R rated 200 psi burst.
  • Preset 150 psi precision oxygen regulator.
  • Cable ignition, 15' for 12 volt DC source.
  • NEW Blade cutting rods, 50 per box.
  • Spare collet, .375 size.
  • Online instructional video.
  • www.MagnumUSA.com
  • UPS 1 package.
  • 40 lbs approximate.

A modest oxy-flame cutting system generates an incredible ten-thousand degree particle stream for performing serious work in short order. With the speed of four times that of oxyacetylene 4" plates can be pierced in as little as four seconds. Further, a linear foot of weld can be removed in eight seconds. Stress cracks can be gouged and pins can be pierced. Bucket hooks lopped off up to 12" in less than sixty seconds.

Equipment service personnel find this a very handy service tool for removing stubborn equipment pins. Operators can easily gouge stress cracks, lop off bucket hooks, remove hard-facing and much more using a flame process. It eats rust, scale, paint and slag. There is no need for surface preparation or preheating. From humble sugar plantations running 24/7 to removing nuclear reactor cooling towers, our oxygen driven flame process will surprise you at how a mere change in hand position can dramatically change the way you approach solving problems.

Recommended accessories include extenders for piercing long pins and portable battery ignition systems which eliminate cables. Enjoy ten thousand degrees of unstoppable cutting and piercing power at your fingertips using oxygen alone. We designed the torch for Navy Seals breaching cargo doors. Torch accommodates 18" or 36" consumables.

mag2000g4 400 amp cutting system

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