MAG2000X Underwater Cutting Kit

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top valve cutting torch for MAG2000X underwater kit


At the top of our new cutting kit is the top valve cutting torch with the very latest features for divers and diving contractors in both fresh and salt water settings.

VALVE: The top valve cutting torch boasts a 5000 psi operating valve with stainless needle, stainless spring and ceramic valve ball. A ceramic ball ensures voltage does not arc across the needle, as can happen with stainless steel ball valves used by other manufacturers.

HEAD: The torch head boasts acme threads to discourage grit seizures in sandy environments. A mere quarter of a turn is sufficient to load and unload cutting rods or what are often referred to as cutting tubes.

Flashback: The top valve torch design displays a valve resting above the diver’s hand for better flashback prevention, since flashbacks occur between the head and valve. Competitive torches allow potential flashbacks to pass through the diver’s hand on the way to the lower valve.

Shock: A concern among divers is separating the current from the oxygen supply. The top valve torch does not require special transition hoses or connections because the high grade oxygen hose connects directly to the torch valve. The voltage carrier bar is silver soldered directly to the valve stem for zero maintenance and permanently tight connections. The flat bar design allows for a smaller ergonomic torch handle. At the end of the carrier bar is a lug for convenient connection to the dive umbilical.

Collet: Inside the head rests a collet with Viton washer for sealing cutting rods and preventing head leaks. A sintered cone sits behind the washer to catch any potential flashback debris. In all, this is the most advanced marine cutting torch on the market.


mag2000x underwater cutting kit

Ships With:

Magnum top valve cutting
torch with 5000 psi valve.
The valve far exceeds the
required pressure rating for
underwater cutting.

Oxygen hose R grade, 30'
.375 diameter connects to
our oxygen regulator and will
provide years of maintenance
free service.

Umbilical welding cable whip
for connection to an existing
DC welding cable.

Preset precision oxygen
regulator to ensure adequate cutting pressure is sustained during the cutting process.

One box of 3/8” x 18” marine
underwater cutting rods, 50
each with 2” rear safety
recess packed in wax boxes.

Complimentary 400 amp
welding handle with alligator
jaws and twist barrel to adjust
to welding rods up to 3/16”.

Complimentary wet welding
electrodes wrapped for
ultimate shelf life and

One spare collet with washer,
.375” size accommodates
any rival brand cutting rod
3/8” in diameter.

Online instructional video.
UPS 2 package.
60 lbs approximate.


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