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MADE IN USA... Over 20 years designing and manufacturing high performance cutting assets for sea and land applications.

MAG9000 world's lightest backpack cutting system

MAG9000: Lightest, most powerful backpack cutting system on the market.

World's most powerful exothermic cutting torch for sea and land cutting, gouging, piercing in repair, maintenance, salvage and dismantling situations, MagnumUSA, 800-957-4344

Sea and Land products for repair, maintenance, mining, salvage, dismantling and emergency response.

wired magazine for featherweight backpack cutting torch for breaching, SWAT and emergency response.

As seen in popular movies and Wired Magazine.

Used by SWAT and emergeny resonse professionals.

Magnum exothermic products are NIOSH and MSHA approved.

MagnumUSA exothermic cutting products are approved as a substitute for air carbon arc.

Ideal substitute for air carbon arc... Incredibly low 57 decibel sound rating requires no ear protection.

For 25 years, MagnumUSA has been manufacturing high performance underwater and land assets for cutting, gouging, piercing, removing frozen pins, wet welding similar to oxylance, broco, caldo, slice, and arcair. Alternate names include exothermic cutting rods, piercing lances, endothermic cutting, plasma arc, air arc, oxyacetylene, broco torch, Br-22, caldo torch, petrogen torch, and primecut. Our superior products are employed for efficient weld removal, hardfacing removal, underwater and wet welding. Our backpack tactical breaching cutting system is popular with NIOSH, MSHA, SWAT, emergency response, and much more. Rock piercing makes our exotheric rods suitable for rock crushers. The amphibian nature of our cutting systems makes them ideally suited for repair, maintenance, salvage, ship repair, vessel repair, treasure hunting, propeller repair, hull repair, leak repair, and cable cutting. On land out lances are used for drag bucket repair, bucket hook removal, hardfacing removal, bridge maintenance and repair, dry dams, guays, caissons, power stations, dredging, propeller shaft stuffing, piling repair, hull cleaning, sheet piling removal, stone coffin piercing, underwater blasting, dredger repair, underwater castings, water intakes, fairways, water discharge service and much more.

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Shipping high performance cutting and welding products around the globe for over 25 years from Los Angeles International Airport and Long Beach Harbor. Customers include industrial repair, maintenance and dismantling personnel, commercial dive contractors, emergency response, navies, tactical breaching forces and SWAT.

MagnumUSA is veteran owned and operated.

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