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Sea and Land Cutting Systems



Cut and welding systems ship completely operational and range from backpack models to high amp models capable of efficiently accommodating all size welding electrodes on the market. Our customers include both civilian and military contractors using modest welding power sources to 500 amp fuel driven power sources with auxilliary power generators. Auxilliary power is useful for connecting power tools or lighting equipment on remote service sites. Our systems can be attached to the back of service trucks or on water craft for commercial diving applications.

marine exothermic underwater cutting with magnum's high performance cutting rods wrapped and designed for ultimate cutting reliability

Marine Cutting Systems

land cutting with the magnum top valve cutting torch cuts four times faster than oxyacetylene and breaks the nonferrous material barrier

Land Cutting Systems

Over 20 years innovating and manufacturing high performance cutting and welding assets for the global market. Our systems range from entry level to multiple dive setup installations for private individuals to governments.


We accommodate special orders and routinely provide technical cutting advice for marine and land applications.