Sea and land cutting rods for repair, maintenance, and salvage, 800-957-4344


Sea and Land Cutting Rods



Underwater marine cutting in salt water with magnuUSA's high performance exothermic cutting rods for both hot and cold cutting applications, 800-957-4344

MARINE Cutting Rods

High performance marine cutting rods with inner spoke fuel sold by the box or the pallet for large commercial users.

exothermic land cutting with the magnum top valve cutting torch generating twice the temperature of oxyacetyelene

LAND Cutting Rods

High performance land cutting rods sold by the box or pallet for large industrial users. Rods come in multiple diameters and lengths for maximum convenience and can be bent for all position access. Our new Blades cut in two widths to eliminate redundant inventory in cutting rods.


We accommodate special orders and routinely provide technical cutting advice for marine and land applications.