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MAG2000X Underwater marine cutting kit used by divers, dive schools and dive contractors around the world. Top valve torches are safer and more reliable. Kit comes with torch, oxygen regulator, whip, oxygen hose, cutting rods and wet welding electrodes.

mag2000x marine cutting kit comes with torch, oxygen regulator, oxygen hose, ground whip, cutting rods, wet welding electrodes and more

MAG2000 Oxyflame Oxyarc land cutting kit uses both flame and arc cutting rods without modification. When it comes to nonferrous materials like cast iron, using the arc assist significantly expedites cutting.

MAG4000 Oxyflame cutting kit for land.

mag4000 exothermic or endothermic oxyflame cutting kit ships with cutting torch, igniter cables, oxygen regulator, oxygen hose and cutting rods for repair, maintenance and salvage

Most popular entry level exothermic oxyflame kit frequently used for pin piercing and removing hardfacing. Remove an 18" long pin in ten minutes without damaging the boss.

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We accommodate special orders and routinely provide technical cutting advice for marine and land applications.