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Burning Bars



High performance exothermic burning bars and oxygen lances at unbeatable prices for cutting, gouging, piercing by MagnumUSA, 800-957-4344


For MINING, foundries, large salvage and dismantling assignments burning bars are the solution. Bars use high pressure oxygen to cut through scrap. Because large projects require volume quantities, burning bars are sold by the container. We have personally used a ten foot burning bar to cut through a six foot thick ingot. The power is awesome. If you are involved in mining, scrap, dismantling or heavy repair projects, this is the cutting asset for you. Nothing fancy... merely raw power for impossible assignments.

ASK about new sizing in five foot connectable lengths for convenient ground or overnight shipping via UPS and FEDEX. Forget staging long burning bars when you can stack them in tidy boxes and connect them in two seconds in the field.

  • Size: .675" or 17.2mm OD x 3m long
  • Weight is 4.49 kgs per bar. 
  • Total bars per container: 5126
  • Total weight per container: 23 Tons
  • Packing: 20 Pipes/ HDPE Bag
  • Weight per Bag 89.74 kgs
  • 12 Bags per Bundle
  • Weight per Bundle 1077 Kgs

Super rates!

Exothermic oxygen lances and burning bars in several lengths for repair, maintenance and mining applications

Oxygen lances and burning bars piercing through ingots and cutting thick plate

Burning bar piercing very thick plate with burning bars like oxylance or caldo using oxygen alone

Burning Bars


We accommodate special orders and routinely provide technical cutting advice for marine and land applications.