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About Magnum Sea and Land

Eric Lawrence Peterson, CEO

My entire life has been preoccupied with speed, from building and racing cars, to designing and manufacturing the fastest cutting torches on the market. Where my roadsters go from 0 to 60 in four seconds, my cutting torches pierce through 4" of steel in four seconds. If your application requires speed, power and versatility, look no further.


1923 Ford T Bucket

MagnumUSA is veteran owned.

Magnum has been manufacturing high performance sea and land cutting assets for twenty years providing numerous product innovations for the exothermic cutting industry. Innovations range from new cutting rods to remote control ignitions for marine use. Included in the line is the lightest backpack cutting system on the market used for rapid response cutting assignments as well as remote cutting assignments where weight and size are critical.

Customers include commercial and industrial repair, maintenance, salvage, dismantling, emergency rescue, forced entry, breaching, civil defense, and military support. The process focuses a stream of exothermic particles like a laser beam using oxygen to blow through most materials in seconds. Speed, power and versatility add up to impressive cost savings. Several layers can be cut in a single pass which is impossible with oxyacetylene. Newly patented ExoBLADE™ cutting rods cut a narrow width on their edge and a wide width on their flat side saving on redundant inventory when narrower cuts of varied widths are required. Simply put, the new blade rods function like 3/16" rods on their edge and 3/8" rods on their side, thereby simplifying inventory requirements.

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